AmbioTEK is a UK community interest company (not for profit) which aims to bridge environmental science and policy making through the development of dynamic spatial policy support tools that put complex data and knowledge to work in supporting more informed policy. AmbioTEK works with KCL to develop software based Policy Support tools and makes these freely available to a large global user community (1200 users from 1029 organisations in 141 countries. These tools include WaterWorld and Co$ting Nature that are both focused on mapping green infrastructure, ecosystem service provision and the nature and distribution of beneficiaries. Such tools and developments in the science behind them will be important in providing consistent, rapid and robust policy support on the contribution of ecosystems to multiple ecosystem services, including hazard mitigation.


For this proposal KCL and AmbioTEK plan to further develop the WaterWorld platform and apply it to demonstration basins. The conceptual developmental work will be led by KCL and the costing and analysis performed by AmbioTEK in WP3 (Physical Assessment Reference). The new model functionality will be deployed in a series of Demos by AmbioTEK to examine the natural infrastructure upstream of insured assets and its contribution to the protection of those assets against different scale flood events. These physical data will contribute to the economic analysis of WP8 (Business Models). Scenarios for loss and for gain in natural infrastructure will be analysed in order to examine the impacts on hydrological flows and flood risk and better understand cost benefit through interaction with WP2 (Climate Services) and WP5 (Economic and Financial Assessments).

The Co$ting Nature platform ( ) will be used in WP3 (Physical Assessment Reference) to analyse the biodiversity, carbon storage and sequestration, recreation and hazard mitigation cobenefits for different scenarios for natural infrastructure development such that these can inform the tradeoff analysis of WP8 (Business Models).