CCR is a French reinsurance company, belonging to the French State, providing an unlimited state-guaranteed coverage to its clients for natural disasters covered within the Natural Catastrophe compensation scheme. In order to meet the needs of the French State, those of its clients, and its own income forecasts, CCR has developed impact models to estimate its exposure and to evaluate insurance damages caused by climatic events such has flood, drought and storm surge.

The strategy of CCR is to develop its own impact models for natural disasters in order to have control over each components of the model from hazard to damage, and to validate them using the available data and especially claims, collected since 1998, used for calibrating purpose. The development of such models is possible thanks to the significant database of insurance portfolios and claims collated by CCR with the support of its clients.


CCR participates in working groups of the French Ministry of Ecology for cost-benefit analysis in the case of flood. Within this framework, the expertise of CCR is to assess the impacts, in terms of insurance damages for different hazard maps resulting from different protection scenarios.

CCR will participate in the WP2, especially for the definition of climate scenarios which will be used for extreme risk analysis for the insurance industry. CCR has a strong modeling experience with climate models (combining ARPEGE-climat model from Meteo France with impact models for flood, drought, storm surge and cyclonic winds). CCR will participate in the WP4, in order to help defining economic valuation methods for cost benefit analysis using the insurance damage data available.

Within the WP6 of this project, CCR will i) provide insights at the national level of regulatory frameworks for risk management and role of insurance and ii) assess the financial impacts, on a portfolio gathering all the insured properties in France, considering different scenarios (with or without flood-prone area for example) elaborated in this project and converted to hazard maps. Indicators such as proportion of risks, proportion of claims and ratio claims / risks, will be computed and used to infer the benefits of each scenario.

In the WP7, CCR will participate in the discussion for insurance business model definition.