Field Factors


Field Factors is a strategy, design & engineering firm realising impact-driven solutions for water resilient cities. We add value to the built environment by creating location-specific solutions to manage water in a meaningful way. We design, develop and implement spatial product-systems for flood-proofing, sustainable urban drainage and climate adaptation.

Our fields of expertise encompass landscape planning, spatial design and product development. We bring together strategy, building and technology with a user-centred design approach to help policymakers, project developers & impact investors implement nature-based solutions that last. We accelerate time-to-realisation trough GIS-driven design and digital manufacturing.

Our mission is to enable safe and attractive living environments by making appropriate use of water resources. Field Factors is a startup company, founded in 2013, based in Delft.


Field Factors will participate in WP6,being responsible for the implementation of a DEMO site in an urban scale in the Rhine metropole basin: Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We will develop and implement a nature-based solution to balance water availability and demand by means of artificial recharge of groundwater. The emphasis will be on the built surface where large volumes of stormwater can be harvested, polished and utilised.

In this demo we strive to connect roof surfaces to the deeper groundwater system to bypass the sewage system and store high-quality water as a resource for times of demand. We focus on a nature-based, high-reliable solution that can be applied on a large scale in urban areas. With this project we aim to reduce extreme runoff and at the same time secure water availability in the periods of drought.

Furthermore, Field Factors will provide input for WP7 through the development of innovative business models to deploy ecosystem services to deal with extreme events in urban areas, potential upscaling and transfer the lessons learn to other urban basins.