ICATALIST is a small start-up company set up in June 2013 specialized in knowledge brokerage and natural resources management. We have expertise in three main areas: first, policy evaluation having undertaken studies on both foresight and ex post analysis of policy at different levels (local, national, EU and global) in areas like irrigation modernisation and the water -food-energy nexus; second, focus on ecosystem services, water accounting, GIS & remote sensing, and third, support innovation in public institutions in all areas related to water governance, water users groups, water education, and e-government in relation to socio-ecological systems. We have had contracts with Repsol, FAO, the University of Wageningen, the European Commission RTD and the Duero basin agency. We provide direct support to the EIP RiverRes Group on River Restoration looking at nature based solutions. In particular we will look at the theme of ecosystem based adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction. We are currently involved in two EU H2020 Projects related to climate change adaptation (EDUCEN and BRIGAID). Our background joins environmental sciences and geography, and we feel comfortable at combining qualitative (human geography) and quantitative issues to address socio-ecological problems.
We bring experience and expertise in strategic policy analysis, qualitative and quantitative research methods, which we combine to analyse specific issues offering integrated analysis.


ICATALIST leads the WP7 on business models and innovative economic and financial instruments. The company has extense experience in knowledge transfer and brokerage, and also with schemes for the valorisation of natural capital. In example, two of the team members were finalist in the first international business challenge on Climate Adaptation co-organised by Climate-KIC programme of European Commission and the 'Knowledge for Climate' agency of the Dutch government (http://www.knowledgeforclimate.nl/businesschallenge2014). The business model was based on an idea for operationalising Payment for Adaptation Services as en evolution of existing Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes and banking of natural resources.
ICATALIST also has a prominent role in WP1 through the inclusion of Dr. Elena López-Gunn as Deputy Scientific Officer. The company also participates as task leader in WP3 for the institutional analysis (task 3.2) and WP8 for the elaboration of tailored guidelines to support member states with DEMOs in the implementation of priority measures(task 8.3). It is also involved into WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP9 with a lesser role in order to ensure a good integration of WP7 with other parts of the project.