Sichting Deltares


Stichting Deltares is the Dutch institute for applied research and development on issues related to living and working in delta areas. The mission of Deltares is to develop, acquire, apply and disseminate integral, multidisciplinary knowledge and knowledge products related to living and working in delta (coastal, estuarine, and riverine) areas, on an internationally leading level. With this, Deltares supports public authorities, private parties and society in their operations and ambitions, related to sustainable development of delta regions.

The primary task of Deltares is bringing together science and application: translating scientific knowledge into innovative solutions needed in sustainable development of deltas. It plays an active role in innovation networks with the ultimate goal of creating societal value, by supporting and speeding up innovation. Relevant areas of expertise of Deltares relevant for this project include ecosystem services, flood risk management, participatory modelling, and adaptive and investment planning.

Deltares is a leading research institution in watershed interventions that brings a strong academic and practical understanding of Integrated Flood Management (IFM) measures in the chain from flood hazard to flood impact as well as on water risk interventions to deal with droughts.


Deltares contributes in the development of the business models and financial arrangements based on a participatory modelling approach for adaptive planning. Deltares will thus have an important contribution to Work Packages 5,6,7 and 8. Deltares also provides guidance and support to all other work packages.

In WP5, Deltares will support the integration of the ecosystem physical assessment (WP2), institutional assessment (WP3) and socio-economic assessment (WP4) using a participatory modelling approach. Deltares has a strong experience in the use of participatory and collaborative modelling in Water Resources Management and Disaster Risk Reduction. The Dynamic Adaptation Policy Pathways approach developed by Deltares will be used for developing the business case considering adaptive planning. Furthermore, Deltares will prepare a participatory business modelling exercise that will be applied in the largest DEMOs (WP6) as to continue the participatory process from adaptive planning towards investment planning and implementation. Deltares will participate in WP7 in the development of the business models and financial arrangements based on the business case approach as well as on the disaster risk financing pillar of Disaster Risk Reduction. Finally, in WP7 Deltares will support the review of international financing and funding models and participate in the discussion for drafting innovative project finance arrangements for green DRR measures.